• Jaguar XE

    Jaguar XE

    Jaguar's most advanced, efficient and refined sports saloon ever.

  • Jaguar XF

    Jaguar XF

    Truly effortless performance, sheer driving pleasure.

  • Jaguar XJ

    Jaguar XJ

    A dramatic combination of beauty, luxury and power.



    Jaguar’s first compact SUV.

  • Jaguar F‑PACE

    Jaguar F‑PACE

    Jaguar’s most practical sports car.

  • Jaguar F‑TYPE

    Jaguar F‑TYPE

    Powerful, agile and utterly distinctive F‑TYPE is a true Jaguar sports car.



    The ultimate all-electric performance SUV.

  • SVO


    Luxury, performance and technology taken to the highest levels to create unique Jaguar cars.


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Why are brake pads not covered under the Jaguar Warranty Program?

Brake pads are classified as wear and tear items and mainly wear out due to the braking pattern of the driver (driving behavior); therefore, these parts are consumables and not covered under the JAGUAR Warranty Program.

Why did the retailer not provide me with a courtesy vehicle or a car hire when I submitted my vehicle for service?

Courtesy vehicles or car hires are not considered a warranty benefit, although it might be available upon request*
* priority will be given to customers whose vehicles are off road for more than 48 hours.

Why does the retailer not have all vehicle spare parts in stock?

We maintain a certain level of stock availability for vehicle parts through regular orders of supplies from the UK. Therefore, some parts may not be available at all times and are ordered on high priority basis when a vehicle is off the road – in other kind of repairs, parts will be ordered on a regular basis.

Why am I being charged a different amount for each service?

Depending on the vehicle mileage, a major or a minor service will be performed, therefore different charges occur. Additionally, if any work though the service procedure is identified, extra charges will also apply.
Kindly note that each periodic service we carry out is performed to manufacturer standards to ensure that your vehicle is operating correctly. All services include a check list to inspect the quality of various parts of the vehicle. Only genuine spare parts are used and the services are carried out by JAGUAR trained technicians.

If I miss a service what grace period do I have on the mileage or the month?

You have a grace period of 1 month before or after the required service date or 1,600 km before or after the mileage service requirement, again, whichever occurs first.

How can I book an appointment to service my vehicle?

Use the “Book a Service” option in this application. Or you may call the retailer call centres.

Why do I have to use the Engine Oil recommended by Jaguar?

Engine oil recommended by Jaguar keeps your engine running smoothly and enhances its performance. Jaguar engines were designed using the latest technologies to create high end products that deliver optimum performance quality. Therefore, using unauthorized lubricants in your vehicle might compromise the performance and smoothness of the engine and would have consequential damages to its internal components.

Can I install the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) on my vehicle?

If not original from the manufacture, it is not advisable. The heat of the region will not enable TPMS to work properly. Also note that TPMS needs to be an approved accessory for the vehicle model.