As a Jaguar owner we know that luxury is a big part of why you chose your vehicle but Jaguar’s commitment to the art of performance doesn’t stop there. While our cars are designed and built to be luxurious as well as practical, the ability to further personalise your vehicle with accessories helps our drivers go the extra mile.

As many Jaguar drivers are also dog lovers, Jaguar have developed pet-friendly accessories to add that extra level of comfort and convenience to your vehicle for the whole family.

Some dogs are at home among the waves, and while that means shared moments and great memories it also means sandy paws, soaking wet coats and the inevitable shake that comes with them trying to dry their fur. This may be fun for your dog but isn’t a great thing for your car.

Available for the interior of your vehicle, the Pet Pack features accessories which help protect fabrics from damage or dirt which could be created when your pet brings back half of their adventure with them.

One of these accessories, the Luggage Compartment Partition, keeps the boot of your vehicle separated from the rest of your car. This partition not only keeps your dog safely in the boot but also prevents the back and passenger seats from getting marked by claws, salt or sand.

The Pet Pack also includes protection for the boot of your car in the form of a rubber mat or a rigid liner tray*, which features a lipped edge, particularly handy for extra messy adventures. Both of the loadspace protection options are fully waterproof so that any water, or anything else carried into your car by your dog, doesn’t get into the carpet or fabric of your car.

Both the rubber mat and the rigid liner tray can be easily removed from your vehicle and can be wiped or washed down. And for situations that require extra protection for your car, the rigid liner tray holds anything that is spilled within it in place.

These dog friendly Jaguar Gear Accessories have been carefully designed with your pet in mind. They are the first from a range of accessories being developed to improve protection for your vehicle and comfort for your pet, all while retaining the luxury element that’s synonymous with Jaguar. So, whether your dog likes muddy country walks or running into the break of the surf, you can focus on enjoying the moment rather than worrying about the journey home. View the gallery below and see the Jaguar Pet Pack in action.